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Industry Leaders in Expert, Professional and Innovative Building, Environmental, and Risk Solutions across Australia, New Zealand and Asia

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Freepoint Group presents to market a group of companies that offers reliable, experienced, and industry leading building, environmental, and risk solutions to Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Our Mission:

To provide clients with holistic, seamless and expert solutions to their residential and commercial property needs.

Our Service Offering:

We deliver quality building, environmental and risk services ranging from property risk surveys and specialist building consultancy, to maintenance, repairs and minor works projects.


Our Group of Companies

The Freepoint Group consists of five individual specialist companies that can work collaboratively together to provide end-to-end services. Our companies are also run independently so that we still provide separate and autonomous services to our clients, the choice is yours.

Why Clients Choose Freepoint

A Collection of Specialists

Freepoint Group is a collection of expert consultants who are the best in their field. Each of our companies is made up of industry recognised, quality professionals with decades of experience.

By accessing our Group our clients receive the highest quality expertise for each section of their project. We are a one-size fits all group, with all the benefits of a boutique consultancy.

Our experienced team know exactly how to collaborate and work together on end-to-end projects to give you a tailored final outcome, while remaining professional and independent.

Property Risk Survey

From Ocean to Outback

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Freepoint Group delivers Nationwide Capability, and Beyond…

Our services span Australia wide, metro to regional, with an experienced network who can access most locations. We currently have offices on the East and Westcoast of Australia, and in Regional WA.
We are also able to deliver several of our services in New Zealand and Asia upon request.

Australia | New Zealand | Asia

One Group, Total Solutions

Less Risk, Less Cost

At Freepoint Group we build long lasting relationships with our clients in order to understand their specific building and environmental needs and minimise their exposure, risk and expense. Using our group of companies to provide end-to-end services reduces service gaps, wasted time, and duplication.

We have years of experience collaborating as a team. Information and resources can be used between our companies for joint projects, insuring there is no miscommunication, wasted time or wasted money, which can reduce costs to our clients.

Example of joint projects across the group

Innovation Mobile

Innovation, Quality and Unparalleled Service

Freepoint Group stays at the forefront of innovation, industry knowledge, technology and quality.
We embrace best-in-class practices to support our operations and give clients assurance in unparalleled service, safety, consistency, and delivery.

  • Systems that cut down time and guarantee quality for our clients
  • We invest in product research and development to bring clients innovative building and environmental solutions
  • Technology and apps to deliver first class client reports

Service Charter



We operate with independence, honesty and transparency through all of our business to provide you assurance in our service.



We deliver the highest standards of expertise, experience and excellence in all of our service offerings, consistently and without compromise. 

Customer Service


We are genuinely passionate about what we do. We will support you before, during and after your project, finding the best solution for your needs.



We ensure all of our planning, analysis and recommendations
are tailored to your needs, so you get the exact results you want.